Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21, 2009 - stats

excellent day for me. started off with a very sluggish start to my swim. i considered packing it in after 1.5k, but took a rest instead, and that seemed to get me a second wind, and i felt stronger as the swim went on, finishing with 4k in 86 minutes. then it was off on the long run down to the lake and the ponds.. 17k of running with a couple of breaks to feed the duckies. at one point, i went hard for 5k as a bit of a test. and managed to come in with a crappy 29 minute time for that segment. then again, i was more than 3 hours into my workout, plus i was carrying my purse and swimming gear.. lol

overall, a strange week for me. 3 long runs and 4 really short ones..

89.2k on the week; 662.2k on the year

just for fun, let's recap the year so far:

jan 1-3: 18.6
week 1: 71.8
week 2: 57.5
week 3: 135.1
week 4: 89.8
week 5: 98.2
week 6: 82.0
week 7: 89.2
weekly average: 89.14
on pace for: 4648.13
annual goal: 5000.00

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