Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15, 2009 - Long Slow Distance

32 fairly slow km for me this afternoon with lots of short breaks in between. had a duckie start biting my leg today to try to get my attention.. not sure that's the best way to get me to cooperate and share the bread crumbs.. lol

going to plan a few rest days this week and a few rather long run days.. this running 10k every day doesn't seem to be getting me where i want to go with my fitness.. also going to carefully plan my swims so i enter the pool in good shape.

my mood still seems to be a problem. feeling frustrated about my work situation seems to be ruining most of my days lately.



cassi said...

That's interesting that you say that about 10K everyday not doing much....I've noticed the same thing. Running 10K every day seems to keep a few more pounds off, I think, lol, but it doesn't seem to do as much fitness-wise as alternating between easier and harder runs.

Anyway, best of luck training for your newly expanded marathon challenge!

Jennifer McCreath said...

i think my bbiggest problem is that i don't take days off. i really should rest the day after a long run. i'm now at thepoint where i am in pain all the time because of this.

i had 3 really low mileage days in a row leading up to my weekend and it really helped.