Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009 - slow run

went for a long slow run tonight thru the partly shoveled sidewalks. runnign thru 6 inches of snow sure can be challenging on the knees. i managed 12k tonight, to add to the 6k i did throughout the day earlier. didn't feel like a swim tonight but manged to drag my butt out there for a run. that should add to the km totals. this 5000k annual goal is insane. not sure if i will actually make it without some overuse injuries.

had a rather miserable and depressing day today.. seem to be having many of those lately. guess it's a natural part of transitioning and the meds. but i also think it's a reflection on how some things in life aren't going as well as others. i try to use running and swimming to motivate myself and keep me pointed in the right direction so i can feel progress. i certainly hope all will go well with my big races this year.


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