Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 18, 2009 - snow storm

as expected, a massive snow and wind storm hit Eastern Newfoundland today. most of the city was shut down today. i was off work but busy shoveling snow. also managed 3.6k of running, which can essentially act as a rest day.. but i just couldn't miss a visit to the pond. wind was so strong that running back home, i was literally running into the wind and not moving at times!

another storm scheduled friday so i am hoping to have a big day thursday and another restful day friday.

i have officially booked my travel for copenhagen, so it's official, i will run the marathon and swim the 1500m freestyle in the world out games. i also took advantage of air canada seat sales and booked myself two more spring marathons: Mississauga and Halifax, bringing me a net of 5 marathons in a 30 day period, a nice little milestone to add to my running resume!


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