Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 7, 2008 - Swimathon

gee, i didn't log in yesterday - that's gotta be a first! i spent 7 hours in the sunny weather up at the beach yesterday, and had several swims in the ocean. had a car for the weekend so didn't have to run the 40k. also took in the MUN Men's volleyball game, which was fun. they had a 50-50 draw and i came within 1 number of winning. what can you do?

today, i opted for an extra few hours of sleep instead of running in Harbour Grace. i went back to the beach for a short visit, even though it was cloudy and drizzly. then i hit the pool and did 3 agressive k of swimming in 55 minutes. then did 10k running in intervals, then jumped in the pond to cool off.

spent most of the afternoon inside watching the opening week of NFL action and the US Open tennis finals..

going to have to focus on rest over the next 6 days, but will likely get in a few swims.. don't want to gain any more weight for race day.. this tapering thing is tough as i continue to want to eat all the time, but aren't burning as many calories..


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