Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2, 2008 -recovery day

well, the right arm was extremely sore all last night and all morning. that swim really pushed those muscles to the limit. but it was feeling better by evening so i strolled over and had a gentle 1.5k swim. i purposely did not do any running. i am going to be very limiting with runs over the next 12 days in prep for the marathon.

i find myself struggling to taper. i am not used to resting. long runs and swims have become part of my regular routine and i find myself uncomfortable with not being able to do them.

assuming all goes well on Sept 14, i may take up another ironman streak challenge.. 42.2k was a bit much but i'm thinking something like 20 consecutive half marathons would be a good prep for the next major challenge, my 20k Cape To Cabot run on Oct 17.

i'm also anxious to take my swimming up another level. that 10k swim was a wake up call as to just how much i have improved in that sport in just 11 short months.. i'm thinking an even longer swim may be in my future, if i can find enough consecutive pool hours!


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