Saturday, September 20, 2008

September, 20, 2008 - exhausting marathon #60

well, it has been 9 weeks since i last ran a 42k with a 20 pound backpack... so i got up today and thought it would be nice to take a run up to the far beach and back, even though it was really a bit too chilly to be at the beach.. so i packed the sack and weight it in at 16 pounds, so i was thinking gee, this will be easy!

the trip up was fine. 20k in just over 2 hrs.. i ended up only staying 2 hours at the beach because it was too darn cold.. (but it was still nice to have one last dip in the ocean!) perhaps i needed more of a break.. i was quite tired after the first half and literally fell asleep on the hard rocky shoreline for a while!

i departed and headed back home in the cool windy breeze.. about 7 k into the second half, i started feeling quite dizzy.. perfect timing though as there was a gas station upcoming, so i had myself a little pit stop and got some sugar and liquids into me. i carried on at a slower pace and felt pretty good, but once i hit the 34k mark, i was noticably exhausted.. i could not even keep a run up. i slowed to a walk on and off for the next couple of k before throwing in the towel and literally walking in the last 4k.

overall, it took nearly 5 hours to complete the "run".. but i did it.. i got home and made myself a nice bubble bath.. i don't think i have ever felt so exhausted in my entire life.. once again, i am finding out just how hard these new hormones are hitting me.. that may have to be the last backpack marathon..

oh well, that's 60 times in the past 590 that i have run 42.2k

now the question remains: when is the next one??

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