Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21, 2008 - lethargic run

well, after yesterday, i had a good sleep in. even by noon i was still feeling exhausted and decided not to go to the pool. i elected to have a slow gentle walk to the pond instead. the duckies were glad to see me, as usual.

finally by later afternoon, i decided to take a break from watching NFL and head out for a run. 8 slow k and i was quite tired, so back home i went for a food break and some more football. as evening arrived, i decided to do another 8 k, which included several breaks to relax and catch my breath. so overall, 16k in 1.43.00. not too bad considering my energy levels. knees were still sore from yesterday.

gee, my comp is freaking out again. even though i erased the hard drive a few weeks ago, i don't think it reformatted properly. windows doesn't seem to be working. what a pain.

i accidentally bumped my head quite badly tonight on a cabinet door. bit bruise, i am sure. gonna go ice it again.

hopefully i will swim tomorrow. i missed both weekend swims..


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