Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 18, 2008 - sluggish swim

well, i took the afternoon off and was going to swim from noon - 2 pm but decided to go home for a nap instead.. then i made the 4.5k run down to see my psychiatrist.. And we had a good chat. He’s helped me map out some strategies to deal with various emotional challenges I have been dealing with as of late.

Then I walked around down town and grabbed a copy of the new Metallica CD. Pretty good stuff!
Then it was a long walk back to the north end of the city, a slice of pizza, then a very sluggish swim. I had to slow down and take lots of breaks just to get thru my 2.5k. Oh well, at least I completed it.

After a coffee and donut, I was running back to the pond and around a couple of times, all while wearing a sexy purple dress and carrying my purse, and a bag of bread, which I eventually fed to the duckies. 10k of running in all today, which made up for the sluggish swim.
I have recovered nicely from Sunday’s run and I am starting to start thinking about the next challenge. I’ve now gone 5 days with the triple dosage of estrace and I think the early returns are good. I feel less aggravated and upset as I was before. It’s all good!


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