Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3, 2008 - speed work

well the arm was back to normal today, but i actually didn't hit the pool. i decided to enjoy some time outdoors relaxing in what was probably the nicest summer day of the year! 26 degrees, very few clouds. i had a nice 20 minute uphill run to the top of pippy park and went for a swim in Left Pond and worked on my tan. then it was a run back down the hill and over to the other ponds, where i did some speed work. 13k in total.

a friend of mine recently completed the Kentucky Ironman, and this has inspired me to think seriously about this. i've always stated that i want to be one of (of not the one and only one) to run the Boston Marathon as a male, then later in life as a female, but now i'm thinking i want to do the Ironman in each case too! i will likely have Sex Reassignment Surgery anywhere from 18-30 months from now, so i better get myself in shape to take that on!

down to just 10.5 days til the big marathon. the knees swelled up a little with the speed work, but i suppose that is to be expected. i was doing 100m sprints and literally hit an all time high pace. i speculate i was going close to 30 km/h.

well, it will probably be a pool day tomorrow for a 90 minute swim. maybe some light running too.


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