Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008 - does a walk count??

well, no running or swimming today.. just a 2 hour walk in the evening. it's been quite a stressful week at work and i didn't get a very good sleep last night. i have not been in a very good mood lately. i've been easily aggravated and quick to become confrontational at work. presenting myself as a woman has been great for me, and finally reaching the point where at least some people in the world are accepting me as a woman is also great, but i am quickly learning the sad truths of the double standards that still exist in this world. women have less power than men and they can't get away with the same tactics in a professional environment. i am going to have to learn an entirely new approach to business communication, and pay special attention to conflict resolution strategies.. not really sure what any of this has to do with running, but i you know, emotional state can play a major factor in one's ability to perform physical tasks. i'm hoping to take a relaxing day at the beach tomorrow and try to clear my mind and get totally focused on sunday's run. the 3 week taper has gone very much as planned. i am fit but well rested. the legs and knees feel great. the energy levels seem to be hit and miss but i am definitely feeling confident about sunday's run.. sunday morning weather report is great. looking at 12-15 degrees and sunny. perfect conditions for a run.


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