Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17, 2008 - Tweaking

yesterday, it was a quad muscle, and today, a groin pull - this time, just 1k into my run to the post office. not sure if i am still too stiff from sunday's run, or if it was the cool weather, but the right leg doesn't seem ready to go.. ended up walking the rest of the way to the mall and back.

i bought a stationary bike last week and have started to put it together. biking is going to be an exciting challenge for me.

probably will swim tomorrow as well as go for a light jog.. will probably stretch the groin, hams, and quads out quite a bit before running.

stretching has been something i haven't done regularly after taking some advise from a local running coach here. this coach felt streching was overrated and could actually lead to more injuries! interesting thoughts for sure..


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