Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 23, 2008 - annoyed, sort of

well, i swam long and hard today for 60 laps (3k) and suspected i had swam faster than yesterday, but was disappointed when i looked up at the clock and saw it was the same time (62 minutes). guess i am still getting used to the fact that i am slower in everything i do, even if it seems i am working harder..

i also found myself slightly upset and even jealous of all the beautiful young ladies in the pool tonight.. as great as my post-transition look will be, i'll never get to be a teenage girl, and that really sucks..

i was able to channel my frustration in a positive way after the swim though, as i had a better 3k run home than the 3k run before the swim..

i'm 99% certain now that i won't be traveling this weekend to do any official marathons. as much as part of me wants to, the knees are not recovered from the past two weekends, and i know that dropping another $1000 that i don't have would be a bad idea.

we have yet another group of cross-canada runners in town tomorrow to promote awareness for being environmentally friendly, so i will head out and meet with them and run with them for 10k of their journey (they are apparently running 18000k over 2 years, crossing canada and the usa). wish i had time to do that kind of running. i wonder who pays their bills while they are gone all that time?? ..lol


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