Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15, 2008 - day off

a day off work and off running. it was all about rest and recovery today, both physical and emotional. couple of doctor appt and several hours relaxing in the sun. might be the last trip to the beach this summer. it was a nice bonus to have such a lovely warm 3 day weekend. after a rainy summer, i felt really cheated, but september has made up for it with three nice weekends in a row.

having an extra day to let it sink in, looking back, i know that i should feel good about my run yesterday morning. to compare myself with pre-hormonal results is just not fair to myself. my estrogen dosage has also just been upped, so that will bring yet further unknown factors into my future runs..

i've had some problems at work lately, mostly due to my negative feelings and attitude, and i will be working with my team of physical-medical and psychiatric professionals to help me better learn to manage and deal with stress and anxiety. the new med dosage should help as i was essentially hormone-deceived all summer, now i'm finally going to be getting a suitable amount of "replacement" hormones.. so even if it won't helpp my running, it should at least put me in a better mood.

i bought a couple of books today to read up on endurance fitness, nutritional eating, and triathalon training.. lots to work on this fall... but for today and perhaps tomorrow, it will be resting to get the muscles back to normal... no more of this overtraining stuff! that didn't seem to prove affective.

more doctor appt tomorrow so hopefully i will have a plan drafted up for going forward both in terms of running, working, and transitioning.


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