Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008 - Marathon Swim!

well, i feel like a better woman having gone thru an amazing August of running. Today, i turned my attention to swimming, with my 1st ever attempt at a 10k swim. with the weather report poor (surprise, surprise), i decided not to go out of town today. with the stat holiday, i meant that the pools were open for extra sessions, so this was my chance to have more than 2 hours of pool time.

i started out with a 5k swim in exactly 100 minutes, which was my plan. i swam at a steady pace, thinking about the endurance challenge ahead. i swam well for the first 4k, then started to fade.

as the swim session was winding down, i was going to have to get out, get dressed, and head next door to the smaller pool to finish, where they had another adult lane swim session booked. i grabbed a quick sandwich and drink and headed over.

the break actually ate up 28 minutes. but it was a break i needed. i was back in the pool totally revitalized, and i flew through the remainin 5k as if it was a warm up! i finished even stronger than i started. 92 minutes was all it took. i got out of the pool in shock and amazement. 10k swam in 3 hr 12 minutes (not including the break).

i wasn't even tired. i was still fired up and ready to carry on with my day, which turned out to be a lovely afternoon in the fog, as i ran 13k, visiting a couple of my favourite spots in the city in the progress (ponds, amazingly enough)!

my right arm is quite sore now, obviously, from a muscle strain or pull (hopefully not torn).

not bad for a rest day.. lol

knees still a little tender, perhaps from the swim (even though i swim with practically no leg movement).

well, i wanted to do many swims this week, but the sore arm may keep me out of the pool for a few days.. will update again tomorrow


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