Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 10, 2008 - revitalized

wow, today started out with a run to the laser clinic. my 6th time getting my face zapped about 100 times. definitley not fun. i still felt sluggish and struggled to get the run in.

but after the laser session, the run to work was much better. that brought me up to 9k on the morning. after work, it was a run home then to the pond, and then the rain storm hit. i ran over to the pool and swam an excellent 3.25k in 62 minutes. then ran home. wow, 18k on the day plus the swim.

i found myself in a rather angry mood all day due to some situations at work that have been frustrating me for a while, but i was able to channel that frustration into an excellent series of runs and swim. i suppose that is a good thing.


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