Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept 30, 2009 - 20 years ago....

hard to believe that 20 years ago today, i attended my very first baseball game at the skydome. the Jays were playing the Baltimore Orioles, and with a win, they clinched the division penant. Tom Henke got the save.

cloudy and 16 today, which made for a nice day to be outside. i ran all over the place, including downtown, along water street, up to kent's pond, around the pond. then later a few runs around the neighbourhood, including to the pool and back. 15.5k running today, and 2.15k in the pool, which i swam in a very fast 40 minutes. that gave me a miserable 20k in the pool for the month. it has taken 9 months to swim what i swam in the first 3 months last year. oh well, i intend to swim more in the fall, as there will likely be miserable weather which will make me want to spend more time inside!

runningwise, i am over 2000 miles. that's 3218k. 3223.3 to be exact on the year so far. 368.4k on the month. i am consistently running about 10% more than last year. but devoting a great deal more time to it.


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