Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 19, 2009 - half way to success!

i decided to run a pseudo half marathon today for my training run and it went very well. i ran a consistent pace and finished at 1.46.18, less than a minute more than my only ever official half marathon race, which i ran in May.. it's nice to know that after all the health care hell i have been thru this summer, that i've still got it! really looking forward to the full marathon next weekend here at home in Newfoundland..

i also made a rare apperance at a concert tonight, only my 2nd concert of the year. it was a benefit gig to raise money for breast cancer, and it featured two musicians from ontario, who are touring across the country. each gig also features 2 local musicians. the format is a song-circle gig, so each singer took turns running thru their list of hits.. among the artists sharing the stage were local newfoundlanders Sherry Ryan and Denielle Hann, and Amanda Rheaume of Ottawa - an awesome singer/songwriter who i met on an airplane earlier this year and kept in touch with. it was great to see her again. she's always been very supportive of me and what i am doing as a transsexual marathon runner.

after the show, i chatted with most of the singers, then made the run home, adding 3 more km to my daily total.

cold and rain in the forecast tomorrow so i'll probably hit the indoor swimming pool. it was cloudy and fairly cool for most of today, but i decided to take a brief break during my half marathon training run to stop the clock and jump into kent's pond to cool off. my was it cold but very refreshing. i hope it won't be the last pond swim of the year. i really miss the few summer days we have had this year.. hoping for a few more before it starts snowing!



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