Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 31, 2009 - light day

got in a few light runs today, giving me 14k on the day and an incredible 426.8k on the month, my third highest monthly total ever! that brings me to 2854.9k on the year. amazing month considering i have been 'taking it easy' nursing injuries. those first 8 days of running was overkill and i suspect i got what i deserved.. lol

other exciting news, i finally got an appt booked with a lung specialist for Nov. this will be a few weeks after some extensive breathing tests. i also finally received a recommendation letter for Sex Reassignment Surgery from my psychiatrist. yet another exciting baby step forward in life!

well, i am dreading the weigh-in tomorrow as i know i am up a few pounds.

sept is going to be a base building month with a refocus on peaking for a nov marathon. i will still run the Nfld marathon this month, but it will only be a light training run as i am nowhere near peak shape.


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