Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009 - consistent week

finished off the week in good form with 4 separate short runs, totalling 15.7k today. including an evening 7.5k tempo run. had a very sluggish start to the day with a very poor 1.5k swim. my left arm is still sore from tuesday's long swim, and i was short on breath. the runs later in the day went better. i also had a visit to see the duckies with some friends, and then we drove to a pet store to see some bunnies, but we didn't buy any.. lol

i'll be looking for 10 days of consistent hard running and then 10 days of tapering as i head into the Nfld marathon, which will be an interesting test to see where my fitness is at.. then i will decide whether or not to pursue a mid-to-late fall marathon..


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