Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009 - hill work and more

wow, i'm racking up the km this week.. 17.3 more today, giving me 91.2 in 5 days.

i made the challenging climb uphill from arts and culture centre to left pond today.. a hilly 3.5k run that rivals signal hill! it was very windy here today, which made it seem like a fall afternoon. i jumped in the pond for a brief swim as it was quite cold. more gentle running followed and then a walk to the pond later to feed the duckies.

i bought a new set of asics 2140 shoes, looking forward to seeing how the compare with last year's 2130s that i have been using for the past 14 months. i also bought a pair of 2130 trail shoes, as they were on sale. should be interesting to see how they differ as well.


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