Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 - lots of running

wow, 25.5k today in total, spanning 4 separate runs throughout the day. of note was the speed work towards the end of the day. 3 strong laps around the 1.5k trail on Kent's Pond. times were just over 7 minutes each. a far cry from where i was with speed work a year ago, but still pretty good considering i am still 'taking it easy' with the lung issue, and given that i have had an aggressive week so far..

i also swam 1.5k at lunch today, packing it in early due to sore arms that are still recovering from yesterday's 5k swim.

hot and sun in the forecast tomorrow so it will likely be a run to one of the beaches.. where i can add to my already high k total this week. 77.8k in 4 days so far.. this combined with the swims and i have already dropped the 4 pounds i gained last month.. amazing! back down to 188, which is great!


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