Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6, 2009 - 50K day!

well, with perfect running weather here, 12 degrees, sunny, no wind; i decided to have a 42.2k 'dress rehearsal run' this afternoon. and things went very very well. a run of 3.53.59 on the nose, with approximate quarter split times of 57, 57, 58, 61.59. not bad considering i ran 111k last week, including 16k yesterday. i can only imagine that with a proper taper and a flatter course, this run could have been in the 3.40 - 3.45 range, which is exactly where i want to be.

anyway, after a bubble bath, i was back out there for a light 7.8k to visit with a friend for some pizza. it was not the greatest 7.8k of my life, but it was fast enough to ensure that i came in well under 5 hours overall for the 50k. 4.50.48 over a span of 9.50.00 in total.

and overall, i feel pretty good. the run was tough but at no point did i ever feel that i was over doing it. the breathing held up fine. the knees managed to survive it. and i should be fine for my 5k with Kim tomorrow morning.


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