Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009 - restful day in the sun

well, i decided to cancel my planned run up to Topsail beach and back today, as it became evident early on that i wasn't up to it. that hill work yesterday took its toll on the knees and the energy levels, so i decided it would be a day of rest. i did a light 4.5k run with Kim and then i hit the pond for a swim and sun tan.

i decided to visit Long Pond today, a place i don't usually spent much time at, but it was lovely. lots of duckies swimming around and people bringing their kids and dogs to the park. i find it amusing how every dog seems to instinctively know how to swim and loves to chase after a wooden stick. it's been a rather cool week here but it finally warmed up to 23 today, so it was a great day to be outside.. i also walked over to Kent Pond for a swim too. both ponds are quite chilly, but still swimable, at least for a short while... hopefully there will be more nice september summer days ahead here, as i hope to have a few more beach visits before it starts to snow here! i find it sad knowing that our short summer is winding down. i really feel cheated as i missed 3 of the nicest days of the summer here when i was locked in that hospital in late June.

anyway, i will likely swim over the weekend at the pool but limit the running, as the never-ending runner's knee in the left leg seems to want to act up just as i think it's getting better.. that hill work will get ya every time!


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