Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009 - blah

just a light 1.5k run for me today (one lap around the pond) and 6k of walking.. lovely early fall sunny day here with temps around 13-15 at the peak of the afternoon. i had a really nice visit with the duckies and sat at both burton pond and long pond for quite a while enjoying the sun.

strange how every time i finish a marathon, i contemplate quitting the sport, but the next day, i usually end up registering for the next one.. Lol

well, not the case today. i really have no desire to run any more marathons in the near future.. perhaps i am burnt out and need a break, who knows?

i think it really hit hard today just how low my performance has fallen.. and the fact that i had reduced my expectations to the point where i was happy with yesterday's performance, really disgusts me.

in just 14 months, i have gone from one of the best male marathon runners in Newfoundland, to one of the worst pseudo-female runners. i'm really starting to believe the latest research and scientific test that imply that transsexual woman athletes are actually at a competitive Disadvantage towards other females, due to even lower testosterone levels, and higher body fat levels.

oh well, i've got Boston and Big Sur next spring to think about, and 7 long cold Newfoundland winter months to prepare for them. and if things don't go well in Boston, i may hang up the marathon shoes for good and start to focus more on shorter distanced runs..


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