Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008 - endurance day!

well, i had a better sleep last night. got myself organized then went for a short run, a long swim, then a long run.. 16.7k running in approx 100 minutes and 4k swimming in 75 minutes. nice to finally be back doing some endurance work.

with my surgery looming, i am going to take myself off testosterone blockers to give myself all the strength possible to get in as many long runs and swims as possible before the big date. i want to drop 4 more pounds so i can end the year at the same weight i entered.. having endured 5 months of estrogen and 7 months of testosterone blockers, to maintain the same weight would be considered a huge accomplishment.

well, if i can swim 4.2k or more tomorrow, it will be my 5th best month in terms of distance.. only the first 4 were more (given that it was winter and i spent more time swimming than running).

well, i think i'm gonna go take in some university basketball tonight.. let's hope i don't have a panic attack over there like i did last time!

will plan for a long swim and lots of running tomorrow in hopes that my dec 1 weigh in will be impressive.. lol


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