Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008 - great sleep, great run!

wow, i slept in til almost noon today. guess that's what happens when you stay up til almost 2 am chatting on facebook.. lol

i finally got myself out of bed and munched down a quick breakfast then ran over to the pool. it was a rather sluggish run and a sluggish start to the swim, but i gained strength as i carried on and ended up finishing strong. 3k of swimming right on the 60 minute mark. then i ran around town and visited 3 of my favorite ponds, including one i hadn't visited in 7 weeks.

for good measure, i went back out for another run tonight after supper, covering a total of 19k. seems the energy levels are back into a good range. let's hope i can have a good week ahead!


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