Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25, 2008 - depression and enthusiasm

Seasonal affective disorder is a condition that causes depression during winter season due to an apparent lack of sunlight exposure. i definitely think i am dealing with this.. either that, or a strong dislike of the dark and cold gloomy winter weather. it was such a nice sunny day and i was fortunate enough to get out for an hour again at lunch and spend quality time at the pond relaxing, eating my sandwich and visiting with the duckies.

after work, i came out to the same pond and it was already darkening, and that seemed really upsetting. but i got over it and went for a nice run (6k) and swim (2.5k) and felt generally strong throughout. it's nice to feel up to running and to have the confidence that i can run anywhere now, without having to rely on taking a taxi due to exhaustion.. lol

oh well, a better day emotionally than yesterday was. let's hope tomorrow will be even better!

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