Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 22, 2008 - surgery looming!

well, the biggest news this week is that i will be heading down to Philadelphia in the near future to have a bilateral orchiectomy performed, the removal of my testicles. This will speed up the feminization process of the hormone therapy i am taking, yet at the same time, reduce the amount of hormones needed, hence reducing the risks associated with it. i am really excited yet a little scared, for obvious reasons. i will be paying for the entire thing out of my own pocket since our lovely public health care system doesn't recognize gender identity disorder and associated medical needs as being covered in their plan. the surgery will cost me $2000 USD, plus plane tickets, hotel, etc. the operation itself will be 20 minutes. i will then be sent to my hotel and ordered to rest for 48 hours. then i will return home and do whatever i can to limit my mobility until the wound heals. rule of thumb is 4-8 weeks before resuming vigurous activity, so my knees will get a nice rest.. lol

anyway, back to business. 8k of running and 2.55k of swimming today, rounding out a really nice week! more of the same planned ahead.. wanna maximize my potential before the surgery. let's see how far i can run and swim before then. and maybe drop a few pounds!


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