Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 28, 2008 - good runs despite emotional upset

gee, i got practically no sleep last night. it was a very upsetting day at work. things really haven't gone my way there recently.. i seem to have fallen out of favour and have been overlooked for growth and promotion opportunities in favour of them bringing in some new people instead, who i am not necessarily convinced are better than me. this has caused me extreme stress and anxiety..

but surprisingly, i had a pretty good run and swim last night, and an equally good series of runs today.. and a great swim today as well. that's 5 good swims in 6 days, and an average of 10k of running per day.. it's amazing what you can do with a lower level of testosterone blockers..

i am now thinking about canning the blockers completely, given that i am less than a month removed from orchiectomy.. might as well get as much running and swimming in as possible before the operation. maybe i can drop a few more pounds! i am down 2 this week. i started the year at 178 and got down as low as 165 during the peak of my marathonning in August. i climbed as high as 184, and now i am 182. i'd love to at least end the year at 178 and break even.. lol

big running and swimming plans this weekend.. perhaps even a 42.2k!


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