Tuesday, June 30, 2009

monthly totals for June

well, this was supposed to be a heavy training month. i logged 200k in the first 10 days, but then fell ill with a very strange still yet-to-be-identified illness. i was hospitalized for 4 days with a suspected blood clot in my lung.. now they aren't sure what is wrong with me..

anyway, 309.3k on the month in total. up to 2066.9k on the year.

only had a few swims this month for a total of 10k in the pool, netting me only 208k in the pool on the year so far, less than half as much swimming i had done last year at this point. oh well.

not really sure what the future will bring. this unidentified illness has me suffering from extreme shortness of breath and exhaustion.

my july 26 marathon in denmark may be off the table now..


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