Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009 - Marathon #1 of 30

hehe, not quite. but today's 39k of running, following yesterday's 33.5k really brought back memories of last August when i tried to run a marathon every day for an entire month.

i managed 10 marathons in 17 days before giving up due to knee problems.. the rules were to run 42.2k in consecutive 24 hour periods for 30 days. i don't think i will ever try that again, but so far, a streak is now under way, as i woke up earlier this morning than yesterday and went out to run the 8.7k needed to give me a full 42.2k within 24 hours.

then it was back home for a little lunch and then outdoors for the rest of the day. it turned out to be 22 and sunny/hot. too bad i didn't plan a beach day. the weather report was calling for only 17 and clouds.. oh well, i ran a grand total of 39k today in a running time of 3.49.50; not including breaks. i might go out again tomorrow morning even earlier and run 11.9k to give myself 84.4k in 48 hours. and then i will likely bring the streak at an end and have a rest day!

3.49.50 was a great time considering all the running i have done in the past few weeks. it's great that the knees are generally holding up to a point where i can run this much and this fast. now, if i could only figure out how to drop a few more pounds in the process, things would be great!

i did not get my 185 pound weigh in that i had hoped for. guess that friday night trip to the Keg and that Saturday evening BBQ at some friends' house did me in. oh well, there's still hope for a 185 weigh in next weekend.


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