Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, 2009 - sluggish

today and yesterday were no better than any other days with regards to my breathing. 2k of running was all i could take yesterday. but i was able to get myself around town all day by walking. 23k of walking, in fact!

today featured a challenging 3k run over to the pool with several breaks to catch my breath. it was my first swim in 19 days, which was emotionally exciting. i took it slow and easy and did ok for the first 1k, but had to slow down and take lots of breaks to get in an additional 0.5k.

i'm starting to think that i may have permanent lung damage which will severely limit my ability to do physical activity.. i have seem absolutely no progress since i was in the hospital..

oh well, i guess the next step is to figure out whether the clot was caused by estrogen or something else. i'm almost hoping it was estrogen-related.. if not, then the risk of future clotting will still exist..

oh well, at least i got to be outside in this hot sunny day.. the last 3 hot sunny days here occured while i was hospitalized. i had a nice visit with the duckies today and attended the infamous Teddy Bear Picnic with some friends..

apartment hunting continues. i am optimistic that i will securing a place by mon or tues so i can start a move on thursday..


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