Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 5, 2009 - another rough day

well, another day with very low energy. i actually found myself falling asleep outside at the dock at the pond for a few hours. i finally gained some strength in the evening and broke in a my 17th pair of running shoes and had a nice gentle hour long run.

emotions took over yet again as i continue to feel frustrated and helpless with my future as i play the waiting game to see if anyone wants to hire me.. and if so, then there will be a big move to plan. there will be a move planned either way by the end of the month as i am not extending my lease in my current apartment. not very happy here.

on the bright side, i got to pick up and hold a baby duck today. it somehow got separated from its mother and was starting to get trampled by big ducks as there was a massive scramble to get at the bird seed that i had spread around the grass. the baby didn't seem to mind being rescued and carried to safety. luckily, the baby reunited with the mother duck a few moments later.

at the same time, i was disturbed to see 3 male ducks attacking a female duck and actually biting the back of her head, drawing blood. this prompted me to swat at one of them with my bag of seeds.. very strange how these birds behave!

anyway, it is now saturday morning and i am hoping that today will be a good day for me emotionally. i haven't felt this good physically since last weekend so i am thinking i will have a nice gentle long run today.


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