Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009 - very encouraging day!

wow, i had a really good sleep last night and felt great for this morning's slow run (i am training a friend who is new to running). we ran 7.6k together in just over 70 minutes.

i felt great all the way thru and finished as if i hadn't run at all. i decided to go for another run a few hours later and bolted 5k in just 26 minutes. then after a 5 minute break, did a slightly less aggressive 4k in 23 minutes. i was a little winded at the end but generally felt fine for the rest of the afternoon.

i wanted more so i went out for a 3k run over to the pool for an evening swim. the swim didn't go as well. guess swimming requires more careful breathing. my heart rate rose quite a bit so i decided to stop the swim after just 23 minutes. my walk home was fine and i am feeling great this evening as i type this.

i've read that there will be good days and bad days in the recovery process so i am not expecting miracles or getting my hopes up. But today was very encouraging.. 19.6k running and 1.1k swimming today in total.

the other news is that i have finally found a new place to live. i will take over as a sublettor for another tenant who is looking to get out of the last 2 months of their lease. so at least that gives me a place to live for 2 months..

Family doc visit tomorrow.. should be interesting!


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