Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 17, 2009 - apartment hunting

spent most of the day looking at apartments. finally got some folks to show me apartments after having trouble getting people to return my calls. seems landlords aren't quite sure what to make of this Jennifer with a male-sounding voice.. let alone what to make of me once they meet me.

good news is that some leasing agents seem quite open to me. all they care about is finding a renter for their clients so they can get paid. they don't care what i look like as long as my references are positive! hope to have a new place in a few days so i can plan a big move..

9k of running today and about 15k of walking. still taking it easy until my family doc has a chance to take a look at my lungs and heart.. feeling much better than a few days ago but still have some concerns and still don't totally feel myself.

will plan to run at least 5k tomorrow, which will put me over the 2000k mark on the year. quite the milestone!

haven't swam in 10 days now :( the chlorine is apparently bad for sinus infections so i have stayed away this week on purpose.

supposed to be really nice the next few days so i will hope to get up to the beach for a swim. hope the water is warm enough!

got to see more baby duckies today and yesterday and actually got to hold a few of them! very cute that they walked right up to me at the park. the mommy duck didn't seem to mind all that much!


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