Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009 - weekly totals

just got in from a light 3.5k run. the breathing is no better than it has been all week.

i logged a total of 41.9k this week. bringing me to 2037.5k on the year. i am only 6 days removed from being released from the hospital where i spent 4 days having a blood clot in my lung disolved. i fear i may have permanent lung damage that will restrict my breathing for life and make running at any pace extremely difficult.

the days and weeks ahead are likely to be very emotionally and physically challenging.. i can only hope that the damage will heal itself over time.. at this point 2-3k of running per day seems to be all that i can handle.. my entire future is essentially on hold until i get more tests done. quite scary to think my marathon days are over. oh well, if this is the end, it was a wonderful journey!

going to head out for a long slow walk this afternoon. at least i seem to be able to handle any amount of walking... exercise of any sorts is better than nothing..


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