Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009 - restful day after an amazing week!

well, i usually count weeks by calendar week, but let's review the last 7 days of running, as they are amazing!

05/27/09 wed 30.30k
05/28/09 thur 20.20
05/29/09 fri 32.00
05/30/09 sat 3.20
05/31/09 sun 33.50
06/01/09 mon 39.00
06/02/09 tues 33.70

total 196.9k

this almost as high as my best 7 day total ever:

Aug 01/08 42.70
Aug 02/08 58.80
Aug 03/08 33.10
Aug 04/08 19.10
Aug 05/08 4.00
Aug 06/08 2.90
Aug 07/08 42.20

Total 202.8k

amazingly enough, if you overlap Aug 7/08, it leads into the third highest weekly total ever:

Aug 07/08 42.20
Aug 08/08 42.20
Aug 09/08 42.20
Aug 10/08 42.20
Aug 11/08 5.80
Aug 12/08 3.80
Aug 13/08 5.00

total 194.8k

and just for fun....

Aug 14/08 26.20
Aug 15/08 29.00
Aug 16/08 29.20
Aug 17/08 42.20

Aug 1-10/08: 329.40k (highest 10 day training total)
Aug 1 -17/08: 482.00k (highest 17 day training total)

May 31/09 - June 09/09: ???????
May 31/09 - June 16/09: ???????

hehe, i don't think i will come close to breaking my 10 or 17 day records, but just the fact that these stats are even on the table now that i am in my present post-op state of lower energy, strength, speed, endurance, and higher weight, is truly amazing, and i feel a real strong sense of accomplishment for the running i have done over the past 7 days!

anyway, on with the June 3/09 update: i was totally exhausted last night after my third consecutive marathon/ultralike day. i knew my body needed a rest so that's exactly what it got today. i had a very slow gentle run this morning with a friend, then a run (mostly walk) up to left pond for a little sun tanning, even though it was only 17 degrees. only 15.7 k today, which is actually quite a bit, but given the circumstances, seems like a warm up!

i'm still very much feeling the affect of the past 7 days, so i am planning rest for the remainder of the week. Sunday will start off a new week with a 15K road race, which will be a very bittersweet race. this marks the one year anniversary of my runner up finish at the 2nd annual Eastern Marathon in Portugal Cove, NL. they decided to discontinue the marathon and only offer a 15K road race this year due to poor interest in the marathon. oh well, it will still be fun to run that course again, but disappointing that Newfoundland lost one of its few marathons.


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