Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009 - apartment hunting

well, the market is really tough here. landlords generally have anywhere from 10-25 candidates to choose from. kinda makes it tough for me. as sad as it is, and although it really shouldn't matter, people discriminate against me for being out of work and for being a transsexual.. oh well, i have a couple of good leads that i am optimistic about so hopefully i'll score something over the next week or two. if not, i may have no other choice but to pack my stuff into a truck and move to a different city where the market isn't so tough!

that's the #1 issue on my plate.. also continuing to look for work, sending resumes all over the place..

family doc is going to review all my hospital tests so she can try to come to a conclusion about what caused my blood clot. she'll also try to order some more tests so we can determine whether or not there is any permanent damage to my lungs or elsewhere..

meanwhile, i continue to have minor issues breathing. i generally feel fine but still struggle to suck air when i run for any period of time over 30 minutes.. hard to believe that i may never run another marathon. i'm trying not to think about that until we know for sure..

meanwhile, i have had a couple of short runs over the past few days, usually running to and from apartment hunt meetings..

here's my weekly running totals so far:

sun 2.5
mon 9
tues 6
wed 11

no swimming since i got out of the hospital yet. in fact no swimming since June 7. i miss my swimming but with sinus infections, hospitalization for lung issues, and the time consuming task of job and apt hunting, swimming has had to take a back seat. but i hope to get over to the pool at least once over the next few days.



shister said...

Jenn, I hope that you get both employment and a good apartment.
I also hope that you're feeling better.

Jennifer McCreath said...

thanks.. looks like i may have a lead on an apt. the lung issue is going to be a long slow recovery process. it still hasn't really sunk in how serious that was. Jenn