Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28, 2009 - PE to 42.2k in 38 days?

Well, being hospitalized with Pulmonary Embolism certainly put a dent into my training schedule. and the long recovery process will put severe limitations on my ability to run fast marathons. it had been my hopes to train my butt off in June and drop 10 pounds so that i could expect to post a 3.45.59 marathon run in Denmark in July.

well, now everything has changed. i am the same weight as i was one month ago, which is actually good news given my limited activity due to hospitalization and recovery.

to run a marathon at any time just 38 days after being hospitalized with PE would probably go down in world history as an amazing sports comeback story. the fact that this could happen at the World Outgames in Copenhagen, Denmark, where i will be the first person in world history to run a marathon in a 3rd gender catgory specific for transsexuals will make this an even more interesting story..

i am nowhere near 100% and won't likely be for 6 months, but there's no reason i can't run a very slow and gentle marathon if i feel up to it.

i just got in from my toughest test since being released from hospital. i ran a 47 minute 8k and felt pretty good. i was sucking for air for the entire run (heck i am sucking for air 24/7) but finished strong and didn't feel any worse than when i started the run.

i will be meeting with my family doc on tuesday and will discuss a schedule and strategy that will help determine whether or not a marathon is feasible..

another option would be to switch to the half marathon if i don't think i feel up to it.

but first things first, i need to all clear to travel. if there is any risk of reclotting, than i won't take any chances and i won't travel to a foreign country for a week.

but anyway, it's nice to have a feeling of optimism after what has been a very tough and miserable 4 weeks for me!


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