Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009 - ups and downs

the antibiotics seem to have hit me hard in the past 2 days. they appear to be working as at least some of my symptoms have reduced or gone away. i felt well enough to get out for a couple of short runs today, but i am still not 100%. what concerns me is that i still have minor shortness of breath.

the worst news of the day is 3 more rejections from the Government of Newfoundland's public service commission from 3 interviews i had a while back. I believe that brings my record to 0 and 13 in government of NL job interviews since i became Jennifer. it was also brought to my attention that my old office will not be even offering me an interview for a position that appears quite similar to the work i did for them for most of the past 2 years.. Hmmmm.


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