Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 - speed drills!

well, one year ago today, i finished runner up in a Marathon, so i figured as a tribute, it would be nice to do some speed drills.. and wow, things sure aren't the same as they were last year, but things are moving along nicely nonetheless.

i started out with a downhill 4k sprint to see one of my many doctors. ran that in 18.30

later in the day, it was 1k drills, of 3.55, 3.50, 4.37, 3.50, then an uphill 4.35.

by mid afternoon, i had already run over 21k but i decided it was time for a 5k drill, so i walked over to the Burton Pond 5k Race starting line and gave it a go. this course has a few hills but is generally flat.. i scored a 24.37, featuring 12.00 on the back half. not bad considering the knees were sore as hell and that these represented km 22-26 on the day. only 41 seconds slower than my run on fresh legs 5 weeks ago at the official Burton's Pond 5k Race. i think this is a sign that i am slowly starting to find my groove and get back at least some level of fitness..

throw in a 0.8k sprint in 3.02, a slow 5k while carrying 12 pounds of groceries as well as some slower speed drills done with a friend i am training.. you get 30k today in total 2.37.10, not too bad of a day!

tomorrow will likely be a light day, then i will pick it back up a notch on wednesday. maybe a speedy 10k drill or a half marathon drill. who knows? everything i do these days seems to be on a whim at the last minute, but it all seems to be working.. lol

Jennifer, your one and only 2008 Eastern Marathon runner up!

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