Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 - 2 hour warm up

well, today's swim was rather strange.. i went at a very slow and gentle pace. i felt very relaxed, as if i was doing some sort of warm up. i couldn't really get it going at normal pace, but i managed to keep going on and on.. 20 laps, 40, 60... 3k, 4k.. on and on.. i hit 5k in 105 minutes, which is slow but still not bad. it was at this point where i was finally 'warmed up' and able to pick it up a notch. i swam about as fast as i could for the next 12 minutes and got in 14 more laps.. giving me 5.7k in just under 2 hours. as i got out of the pool, i felt 'warmed up' and ready to go.. very strange. i bolted out of the pool, got changed and went into a run afterwards..

i hope this is how things go later this month when i essentially warm up in charlottesville with a 42.2k run, then move onto boston 2 days later and do the same! overall, it was a great day, great, run, great swim.. also had a nice visit with the duckies and had a good networking visit with a colleague who is involved with some local LGBT advocacy organizations...

not sure if i will do the Tely 10 teaser run tomorrow morning or not. it will all depend on how well i sleep and how late i stay up tonight..


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