Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7 , 2009 - another rest day, with pride!

got in a 2k run this evening on my way to a 'st. john's pride' planning meeting. the knees didn't feel too badly at all. didn't get in a swim though today as i wanted to rest the arms after what has been a couple of very strong swims in the past week.

although st. john's pride festivities won't rival those of a big city such as toronto, there is lots of spirit here in this small city. As the publicly only out transwoman in the province, i am being looked to as a leader to both help plan and organize, as well as be a key participant in some of the events. with my future up in the air in terms of work, it's tough to make any firm commitments for pride week, which will take place in late July. i hope my future sorts itself out soon as i would like to play a strong role in this pride week.


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