Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009 - Boston Marathon!!!

just back from an excellent day at the Boston Marathon. it was everything i could have expected. A great event and probably the most exciting run of my life.

i was still VERY sore from saturday's marathon but amazingly enough, i got off to a fast start. could be the excitement of it all. i ran the first 10K in just under 51 minutes, and carried on almost as fast right into the half, where i came in at 1.52.29. my endurance felt great but at this point, the knees started to get really sore. running a marathon 48 hours prior was an obvious reason for this. i also found myself slightly over hydrated, hence, i ended up taking about 7 bathroom breaks in the second half, which also slowed me down, yet gave me some nice rests. despite the knee pain, i managed to take it all in and enjoyed the entire run. the fans generally loved my outfit and i did what i could to fire them up.

at the top of infamous Heartbreak Hill (which wasn't nearly as bad as the hills i run in Newfoundland every day), a CBS reported asked me how the hill was so i replied that it was tons of fun! hopefully that will air on the news tonight!

i finished up fairly comfortbly with a time of 4.28.29, more than 30 faster than the run 2 days ago. it is now 2 hours after the run and i am feeling really good. time for a shower and some left over pizza!


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