Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009 - recovery going well

well, i am finally back home after an exhausting but really great trip. to run 3 marathons in 8 days and to do so while remaining in good health is an exceptional accomplishment give the current state of my health and fitness. this trip has really given me a boost of self esteem and confidence as i head towards some very shaky times in my life.

most importantly, this has re-lit the competitive fire in me as i found myself wanting to do more with each run. there i was half way into the boston marathon, 2 days after a very tough charlottesville marathon of hills, heat, and dehydration, and i found myself not wanting to settle for just finishing.. i wanted to shoot for a requalification time. 6 days later in waterloo, still very sore, i found myself pushing extra hard to bring in the best possible time i could.

with 14 days off, i plan to do whatever i can to get myself into the best possible shape to ensure that my chances of running a 3.45.59 in Mississauga are maximized. i never even thought 2 weeks ago that i would be setting my sites on the 2010 Boston Marathon, but this is the obvious goal for any serious runner. i'd love to get back to boston in 2010, and then take the 201o Boston run much more seriously with the intent of running a PB and re-qualification time for the 2011 Boston Marathon. it's the greatest race in the world and something i think every runner should strive for.. i'd love to make a Patriots Day trip to Boston, an annual tradition for me for many many years to come!

i found myself down 4 pounds upon return and that is really excited, especially since i had predicted that i gained weight! the focus ahead will be rest and recovery with a very limited amount of running and swimming over the next 2 weeks. i want to go into Mississauga with a mission. Mississauga was the launch of my formal Marathon career in 2007, so i want this years marathon to essentially be the official launch of my 3rd marathon 'season,' and i can't think of a better way to start the season than to run a 3.45 marathon with even splits. i will be planning to run the entire course along side of the official 3.40 pace team. i will stick with them as long as the ankle is able to hold on.

no matter what i do in Mississauga, i will then run Halifax the next week as a slow fun run. then focus 3 months on weight loss and swimming to ensure i can show up in Denmark for the World Out Games in the best shape of my post-op life. Then i will refocus on running a BQ in the fall somewhere, if i haven't already BQed.

meanwhile, the rest of my life carries on as i continue to look for a new job and a new place to live. oh what fun lies ahead!


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