Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009 - 6th best 2 hour swim ever!

well, with the pool closed for both easter friday and sunday, i had saturday pegged for a long swim.. but after 17k of tough running yesterday and with sore knees, i was going to pass on the swim in favour of haning out with some friends at the mall today. but turns out they left without me, so i decided to give the swim a go as a plan B. well, it proved to be a great plan. the 4k run over to the pool was rather painful and i really wasn't expecting the swim to last very long, but i got into my groove fairly quickly. i covered 3k in about 55 minutes, and still felt strong.. so on i went at a consistent pace with the idea that i would get in 6k. well, i showed literally no signs of slowing down and i hit 6k with 6 minutes to spare.. so i sprinted in 7 more laps to give me 6.35k on the day.. the 6th best distance for a 2 hour swim in my brief swimming history! i could only imagine how much better it could have been had i not put in that run yesterday. amazing to think that my swimming is literally almost as good as it was pre-op.

let's revisit my greatest 2 hour swims:

03/08/08 120 minute swim 7.025 km
02/16/08 120 minute swim 7.00 km
01/19/08 120 minute swim 6.80 km
03/29/08 120 minute swim 6.50 km
04/13/08 120 minute swim 6.50 km
04/11/09 120 minute swim 6.35 km (post-op)
10/26/08 119 minute swim 6.25 km
02/17/08 118 minute swim 6.20 km
02/09/08 120 minute swim 6.10 km
04/04/09 115 minute swim 6.00 km (post-op)
03/01/08 105 minute swim 6.00 km
02/03/08 117 minute swim 6.00 km
08/17/08 116 minute swim 6.00 km

anyway, it's now officially taper week. i don't plan to do very much running at all over the next 6 days. i will probably plan to swim for an hour each day on mon, tues, and wed. then rest completely on thurs and fri.

Happy Easter to all!

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