Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009 - Boston the day before!

quite the exciting day for me! i drove around Hopkinton, home of the Boston Marathon starting line.. also drove downtown to the finish line and took some great pics. the health and fitness expo was excellent. tons of great booths.. i also filmed an interview which will be part of the 'my marathon dvd' that i ordered. this will be a compilation of video clips of me from 5 different vantage points on the course, as well as a hilight package..

Boston will be my first official marathon in the female category, and for that, i am really excited. It's been a good restful day and i can tell that the re-energizing plan of lots of protein is paying off. i have no doubt in my mind that my endurance levels will be at 100% tomorrow. the legs will still be sore, as i had to extend myself quite hard out there in Charlottesville during my dehydration phase of that run.

My official Charlottesville time was 4.59.33 - a far cry from any other marathon i have ever run, but ironically enough, it was probably one of the smartest races i have ever done. the unexpected has to be expected in marathons, and i can feel very pleased and proud with the way i handled the dehydration situation. i slowed down from 10 minute miles to 15 minute miles until i was ready to pick up the pace. i coudl feel cramping in the right calf just trying to break out, and unlike Mississauga last year, i slowed down to avoid that disaster.. i actually finished really strong and had more wind left in the tank. i never did hit the wall!

here are my approximate quarter splits: 1.05, 1.09, 1.42, 1.03

looking forward to an interesting and exciting Boston Marathon tomorrow!


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