Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009 - 3 Marathons in 8 Days in the books!

well, i wasn't able to get to a computer all week but it was an excellent week indeed. after running Charlottesville and Boston Marathons within a span of 56.5 hours, i went down to Key West Florida to sit on the beach and recover. 4 awesome days of sun, swimming and sun tanning. quite the place. no running at all but i did manage 10.15k in the pool over a span of 4 days.

today was the Waterloo Marathon. the ankle was quite sore but i managed to get off to a fairly good start, although feeling sluggish. first three quarter splits of 56, 64, and 65 minutes had me feeling strong and confident. But this is when the ankle gave out, i had to slow down and essentially limp from 32k to 37k. but miraculously, i was able to pick it back up a notch and run in the final 5.2k in 28 minutes, my fastest span of the run! finishing at 4.30.33.

now the question remains: how bad is this ankle. i've now got 14 days til Mississauga, where i had hoped to run a BQ time of 3.45.59. endurance has never been a problem throughout this week. the knees have been holding up. carrying some extra bodyweight puts a strain on things, but i proved today that if healthy, i should be able to do it.

won't likely do much running at all over the next 2 weeks, but will plan to get in some nice swims to keep the fitness levels going.

back home tomorrow

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