Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009 - no repeat performance

well, i thought today would bring a legit shot at breaking my 2 day swimming distance record, but yesterday's swim took more out of me than i had thought. the energy levels seemed ok at first, but today's swim quickly went downhill in a hurry. 53 minutes into the swim, i decided i was ready to pack it in. 2.575k, which is still a respectable swim..

no running today but about 15k of walking around the misty cloudy but warmer st. john's winter.. got up to 12 degrees here. the ponds are melting off and the duckies are finally getting some room to swim around..

it was definitely an emotional week for me. not knowing what the future holds regarding work is rather scary. i could be packing a moving van and going just about anywhere in the near future.. it brings me back to where i was a few years ago, when i knew i was going to move, but didn't know where.. i sense that my days in Newfoundland are numbered. it's been a great two years here. i never really got too comfortable here, because deep down, i sorta knew that i wouldn't be staying here for long.. guess my gut feeling was right. oh well, i'm looking forward to the next phase in life, wherever it may be!


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